Van Equipment

  Premium Grade Van Pad

Closely quilted one inch zig-zag stitch pattern, nylon thread, lock stitching seams, no lumping. Pad filler of cotton/poly. Cut size of 72" x 80".

  Warehouse Pad

Recommended for use in warehouses and continous container use. Pad filler of cotton/poly. Imported. Cut size 72" x 80".

  Magnesium, Lighweight Appliance Truck

Ratchet strap tightened with 3-ply 2-pc. 14 ft. web strap. Specifications: 60" H x 17" W and 5" x 24" foot plate. Weight 41 lbs. Load capacity 500 lbs.

  Steel Appliance Truck "Ratchet Style"

Steel construction with higher ground clearance. Equipped with 8" wheel and automatic recoil ratchet. 60" H x 16" W and 5" x 24" foot plate. Load capacity 800 lbs.

  Magline Hand Truck

With loop and brace.

  H Dolly

With 4" hard rubber casters.
18" W x 32" L
Load capacity 1000 lbs.

  Rubber End Dolly

1" hardwood rails, standard rubber cushions, hardwood headers, 4" swivel rubber casters
18" W x 30" L
Load capacity 1000 lbs.

  Cumbuckle and Ratchet Style Straps

Spring end fittings. Available in 12 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. lengths.

  Rubber Bands

Color coded for easy recognition.
Small 50" - Beige
Medium 60" Green
Large 72" - Blue

  Blue Neopreme Floor Runner

Blue woven cloth and non-slip rubber,
27" wide, length cut to order.